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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (30 hours)

  •  Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership.

Students having any questions about courses or admissions policies should see their assigned academic advisor. The M.A. Curriculum is designed to sharpen the leadership skills required in business and non-profit organizations, government, military and educational organizations. The program provides them with an opportunity to develop these skills in an online or traditional format. 

Completing a second Masters degree:
To complete a second masters degree  in the College of Business, a minimum of 27 additional credit hours are required. If a student has completed a MBA with a leadership emphasis, he cannot double count leadership electives for both the MBA and MA in Org. Leadership.

M.A. in Organzational Leadership Curriculum (30 hours)

The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership was developed to provide leaders from all walks of life with the opportunity to grow and develop. Students will be taught various aspects of leadership including the nature of leadership, culture, alignment, organizational behavior, communication, and the change process. The program was created with the working professional in mind.  Courses can be completed online or in the evening.

Orientation (0 hours)

For the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, BUSI 600 - College of Business Graduate Programs Orientation  is mandatory. Students will receive general information about graduate education, an orientation to sites on campus, an opportunity to meet some of the officials of the University, and the opportunity to ask questions about the program. Orientation will also provide students with an introduction to the academic rules and expectations of the program, an orientation to the type of technology they will be using, and an outline of the curriculum. The orientation program may be offered during summer if an adequate number of students register.

M.A. in Organzational Leadership Exit Assessment

At the end of their program, all students are required to complete 

  in their final semester, as a graduation requirement.