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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in General Management, Healthcare Management, or Supply Chain Managment (30 hours)

  • Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in  General Management, Healthcare Management, or Supply Chain Managment.

Students accepted into the MBA Program will be assigned a professor who will be their academic and professional advisor.  As an academic advisor the professor will assist with registration and academic concerns.  As a professional advisor the professor will assist with questions about career choices and professional goals.

The MBA Curriculum is designed to  guide students through a process that will help them develop the skills that are in demand in the business world, and also provide them with an opportunity to apply those skills in an intensive format.

MBA Curriculum (30 hours)

The Master of Business Administration consists of a minimum of thirty  (30) semester-hours of credit.  Students who enter the program lacking adequate background in specific areas of business, as determined by our graduate faculty, will be required to take foundational courses in those fields.  Any foundation courses that are required must be completed prior to beginning a master’s course requiring the prerequisite course.

Foundational Courses

Foundational Courses are offered to students whose background in the business curriculum is incomplete, outdated, or forgotten, allowing students to update their skills before engaging in more advanced coursework in the discipline. To complete the MBA students must take at least thirty (30) credit hours of graduate work above the foundational level.

  • (3 hours)
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  • Students may seek a waiver for any and all Foundational Courses.  Those who have previously taken the prerequisites may demonstrate mastery of the material normally taught in the foundational courses by offering an official transcript demonstrating that an academically-comparable course has been completed within the allotted time frame at an academically-rigorous, regionally-accredited institution with the required grade.  Any student may bypass a Foundational Course by successfully passing a qualifying exam in that subject area if an exam is available. At the discretion of the Director of Graduate Programs or the Admissions Committee, a waiver may be granted based on other evidence that their background in the subject area is sufficient, such as professional certification or years of experience in the subject field.  

    Upon acceptance to the program, each student will receive an analysis of their background and a breakdown of which foundational courses will be required.  Students who have concerns about their ability in a specific functional area, or who fear they have forgotten the basics in that field, are also encouraged to take those additional courses even if they are not required.  

    A tentative evaluation of transcripts for consideration of waivers of foundational coursework may be provided after the application for admission has been received, based upon unofficial transcripts, but the course waivers will not be credited until official transcripts or other required documentation are received.


All students in the Master of Business Administration program, regardless of their emphasis, will be required to take 

  . Students will be furnished with general information about graduate education, oriented to sites on campus, given an opportunity to meet some of the officials of the University, and provided the opportunity to ask questions about the program. Orientation will also provide students with an introduction to the academic rules and expectations of the program, an orientation to the type of technology they will be using, and an outline of the curriculum.   Successful completion of BUSI 600 with a “P” is required to continue in the program.

MBA Exit Assessment

All students in the Master of Business Administration program, regardless of their emphasis, will be required to take 

  (0 credit hours) in their final semester, as a graduation requirement.