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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Location: H. C. Wingo Hall

Dr. Scott Yarbrough, Department Chairperson

Dr. Nancy Barendse, Ms. Nancy Canavera, Dr. David Floyd, Mr. Jeremy Jones, Mrs. Dawn Lee, Dr. Celeste Pottier, Dr. Kari Siko, Dr. Kimberly Sims, Dr. Jonathan Sircy,  Dr. Carissa Smith, Dr. Scott Yarbrough

Dr. Melanie Harris, Ms. Ellen Hyatt

The Department of English instructs students in written and oral communication, literary analysis and appreciation, and research so that students may acquire the skills and desires that make learning a lifelong experience. The Department prepares students for teaching and a variety of jobs, and the faculty, with their knowledge and skills, serve the University and the community.

Literature courses, as the level increases, move toward more sophisticated study. Courses on the 200-level introduce important literary periods and writers, develop literary vocabulary, and encourage critical/analytical abilities by means of short essays and discussion exams. Courses on the 300-level provide information in greater depth, extend literary vocabulary and critical/analytical abilities, and introduce critical approaches and research techniques. Courses on the 400-level encourage close analysis through intensive reading and extended research projects.

Advanced writing courses focus on the writing process to develop, more fully, analytical and creative writing skills.

Students who transfer sophomore courses (the equivalent of 200 level courses) in English and/or American Literature may request the challenge exam for ENGL 202 , ENGL 203  or ENGL 204 . No other English Department courses may be challenged, and ENGL 202 , ENGL 203  and ENGL 204  may only be challenged in the case of the specified circumstances.

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