BUSI 670 - Readings and Applied Research

(3 hours) This course allows the student to perform graduate-level research with a professor. The course will consist of a research project that is mutually agreed to by the students and the professor. The research is expected to be of sufficient quality to be considered for publication in journals in the appropriate field. The project may consist of conventional academic research on a topic of mutual interest to the professor and students or it may consist of applied research in the field such as surveys, economic impact analyses, business plan development, marketing research, informational database development, systems analyses, or other similar studies. Students will invest at least 180 hours in their projects. The students and professor must present a written proposal for approval by the Director of the MBA in consultation with the professor and Dean of the School of Business before registering for the course. It is also understood that due to the nature of the course, the student may not withdraw from the course without permission of the instructor.

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